Opthalmology Assessment

General Assessment

Dr Maeve O Doherty offers a general eye health assessment which consists of a 15 minute long consultation. We will take pictures of your eye and the back of your eye and assess for any diseases you might have.

Close up of a green eye

Cataract Assessment

Dr Maeve O’Doherty can perform a full cataract assessment on your eyes to ensure that you are not showing early signs of Cataract.

Diabetic Eye Disease Screening

Diabetic retinopathy is a form of retinal disease caused by diabetes. It can cause blindness if it is not caught early. An eye examination can detect problems before they affect your vision.  

Image showing Diabetic Eye Screening under microscope
Graphic showing the anatomy of an eye with Glaucoma

Glaucoma Assessment

Getting an examination from your optician regularly can ensure that you don’t have glaucoma. Once your vision has been lost due to glaucoma, it cannot be recovered.

Macular Degeneration Assessment

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common condition involving damage to the macular, which affects central vision.

Image showing the effects of Macular Degeneration, with a black smudge in central vision
Man working in construction setting with protective eyewear on

Work Related Incidents

An eye condition can present acutely in many situations. Painful eyes or blurred vision should not be ignored. 

Floaters/Flashing Lights Assessment

Floaters are generally harmless and can become less noticeable over time, but they can also indicate serious conditions. 

Image showing the effects of Floaters Flashing Lights in eyes, showing squiggly lines in central vision
Children Eye Assessment

Children Vision Screening

During childhood, there is a very important and sensitive time when the vision is developing. We offer children vision screening to ensure that they have healthy eyes throughout childhood.

What makes US different?

is an Irish and United Kingdom trained and board certified General Ophthalmologist, with a subspeciality interest in oculoplastic surgery, Blepharoplasty and Cataract surgery. Maeve has a special interest in facial aesthetics and has trained with some of the leaders in this area in the United Kingdom.

At Eyes, Lids & Face Clinic by Dr. Maeve O’Doherty, County Clare, we cover all types of eye care and beauty procedures. From Cataract to Eye Rejuvination, we can ensure you’re in very capable hands.

It was the huge advances in the field of facial aesthetics, lasers and injectables that inspired Dr Maeve to open her own practise in Ennis, Co Clare to service the West of Ireland. Her signature aesthetic is exceptionally subtle: she advocates doing very little but little tweakments that most people will not notice.

Learn more about Dr. Maeve O’Doherty and her clinic opening in Ennis, Co. Clare here

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